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VANIQA cream is an FDA-approved prescription cream currently in shortage nationwide.  Talk to your doctor about Chemistry Rx and our alternative, compounded option.  If you already have a prescription, email or call us.

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Medication isn’t one-size-fits all. While commercially available drugs fit most, there are many circumstances in which a customized version of the drug is needed.  Physicians work with licensed, clinical pharmacists to formulate a solution specific to the patients needs.  In times of shortage, compounding pharmacies have the ability to offer alternatives to commercially produced drugs.

Unlike retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies provide a variety of services to support you based on your unique medical needs.  For example, we can provide education to help manage your symptoms and avoid complications through medication.  We also work with your doctor and health insurance company to get the best coverage possible.  If insurance options are limited, we try to find financial assistance available to help lower your out-of-pocket costs.

“Excellent service, professional, and direct. The creams are incredible– I’m amazed at how much improvement I’ve seen!”

– Dawn M.

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