Chemistry Rx Offers Compounded Alternative to Vaniqa® Cream using the same active ingredient, eflornithine

National drug shortage leaves many unable to fill prescriptions


Vaniqa Cream ( eflornithine HCl; Allergan ) 13.9% is currently still unavailable due to a shortage of the active ingredient, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Vaniqa, a hair growth inhibitor, is meant to reduce unwanted facial hair in women.

At Chemistry Rx, one of our specialties is providing access to medication when commercial availability is in shortage or otherwise not available. During this extended shortage, many women are without access to the cream they’ve been prescribed. Fortunately, Chemistry Rx is able to compound an alternative, using the same active ingredient, eflornithine, and is able to fill prescriptions.  

Women experiencing unwanted facial hair growth (specifically on the upper lip) can fill prescriptions at Chemistry Rx.  Prescribers can call, fax, or email for more information. 



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